EO Insignia 
EO Insignia

If you’ve been in EO for 7+ years, you’ve attended a few Universities, heard the usual speakers— and are looking for something new. That's what EO Insignia is all about.

EO Insignia is a program exclusively for members with 7+ years of EO tenure. This program connects you with other long-term members like you who are looking for greater professional achievement and deeper personal realization. If you qualify for EO Insignia, you can apply to participate in an Insignia Regional Forum or attend EO Insignia-exclusive events. If you are ready to bring something new to your membership, EO Insignia is the place for you.

EO Insignia Spotlight

"Sharing experiences and bonding with seasoned EO members from other chapters has broadened my horizons, opened up new doors for me, and inspired me."
– Randy Bast, EO South Florida


Interest Form

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Interest Form

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Fast Facts About Insignia

Who it’s for:  Members who have belonged to EO for at least 7 years

What it’s all about: Connect, learn and grow with other members like you. To start, consider joining an Insignia Regional Forum.  Or, come to an Insignia-exclusive event.  Customize your experience; the choice is yours.

What it costs: Regional Forums in North America (US$1250* per EO fiscal year and includes the Campus event). Regional Forums outside North America (US$500* per EO fiscal year and does NOT include the Campus event).

*In addition to the program's annual fee, new Forums will pay a one-time initiation fee of US$450.

Take-Home Value

Insignia Regional Forums Overview - North America (.pdf)

Insignia Flyer for LAC, EMEA, ASAP (.pdf)

Insignia Flyer in español (.pdf)

Insignia Tools:
user name = eo
password = injected

Upcoming Events

  • 2015 EO Insignia & EO Quantum Leap Campus Event – Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. 21 – 23 October 2015. Please email eoinsignia@eonetwork.org for more information.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to boldly go, apply here to join your EO peers.

Patty Campagna
EO Insignia & EO Quantum Leap Program Director

E: eoinsignia@eonetwork.org
T +1.773.771.7709


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